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Author G. Grace – Grace R. Schmidt

Grace R Schmidt, known by her pen name G. Grace, is a multi talented and accomplished author, grandmother, wife, and mother. G. Grace spent much of her life exploring her interests in flying, writing, acting, and motorcycling. Her passion for these activities is evident in her writing, which is filled with
vivid descriptions of flight, adventure, and personal triumph.

G. Grace’s love for writing was influenced by her grandmother, who was also a talented writer. Following in her grandmother’s footsteps, G. Grace began writing at a young age and continued to develop her skills over the years. She earned her BSBM degree at the age of 50 and later pursued a career as a purchasing agent and manager. However, her true passion remained in writing, and she eventually decided to pursue it full-time. G. Grace’s writing is characterized by a unique blend of science fiction and fantasy themes, with elements of personal experience woven in. Her stories are full of excitement, adventure, and the unexpected, drawing readers in and immersing them in a world of wonder and imagination.

In addition to her successful writing career, G. Grace has also pursued other interests and accomplishments. She has flown airplanes since she was young and owned her own Cessna 140. She has also acted in television shows and movies, including “Gilmore Girls,” “ER,” and music videos with Kid Rock and U2. G. Grace’s love of motorcycles led her to own her own Harley and appear as an extra in Kid
Rock music videos. Despite the challenges she has faced, including caring for her husband who suffers from Parkinson’s disease, G. Grace continues to find inspiration in the world around her. Her husband’s experiences as a lifelong pilot and FAA inspector have influenced her writing, adding a unique perspective to her stories.

G. Grace, the second Grandma Grace, was born in 1952. Although her real name is Grace Schmidt, she publishes literary masterpieces under her pen name G. Grace – which stands for Grandma Grace. Grace Schmidt is an award-winning author. She is a 70-year-old fantasy and science-fiction writer known for using her words to cast a spell on her readers, leaving them in awe of her brilliance. Traversing her own path, she created fantasy and science fiction as she wanted her readers to enjoy a universe away from all problems and help them experience a free world. Today, G. Grace is one of the most celebrated fantasy and science-fiction authors, known for casting a spell on the readers with her exceptional craft that she has mastered to perfection. G. Grace’s talent and dedication have been recognized with several awards, including first place in science fiction stories and the Script of the Year award from Fanstory. She has also amassed a dedicated following on social media, with over 1200 followers on Facebook and above 1700 on Instagram.

Grace’s website, http://www.g-grace.co, offers readers a chance to explore her writing and learn more about her personal and professional journey. With five published books and six more on the way, Grace RSchmidt continues to captivate readers with her imaginative stories and inspire others to pursue their
passions, no matter their age or circumstance.  Grace R Schmidt’s extensive life experiences have provided her with a unique perspective that is reflected in her writing. As a woman who has lived a full and adventurous life, she brings a fresh voice to the literary world. With a diverse background that includes piloting airplanes, acting in television shows and movies, and riding Harley Davidson motorcycles, she has a wealth of knowledge and insight that she draws upon in her writing.

Her published works, including “The Last Stop Motel,” “Myhana’s Adventures on This Earth 7,” “Life Below and Beyond,” and the republished edition of “Life Below the Sinkholes,” have received critical acclaim and have garnered a loyal following of readers. Her writing style is engaging and immersive, and
she has the ability to transport readers to new worlds with her words. She is a talented storyteller who is able to weave together compelling characters and intricate plots. Grace’s writing has also been recognized by the literary community. She has won awards for her science fiction stories and has been recognized for her screenwriting skills.